Picture: Jane Stanley-The Enid Breaking away, Red Arrows

The club has a permanent exhibition at:

And there is a small panel in the waiting room on platforms 4/5 at Maidenhead Station

From time to time we stage major exhibitions at other venues, notably in the Gallery at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts.

An exhibition offers the viewer an opportunity to take a longer, more contemplative view of our art than is possible in a competition. We sometimes assign all or part of an exhibition to the portfolio of a single photographer, showing how his or her personal style has developed over the years. On other occasions we base our selection of images on a theme, having announced it in advance so that club photographers can work towards it.

Being featured in an exhibition is motivating for those whose work is displayed, but can also be a rewarding experience for the team who produce it. If you're interested in helping in our exhibitions, please contact a member of the committee

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