Picture: Mark Russell-The Belvedere, Tuscany

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Club members are invited to create their own galleries here - they are not just picture shows - there are lots of travel tales, events and technical experiments too. (Some day they might get indexed out of Development because there is a lot of critique and tutorial material in these collections.)

Mainly personal galleries

Travel & places

Unclassified but interesting

Some earlier galleries

  • Gallery 1 Some particularly colourful work from the 2003 archive CD
  • Gallery 2 Some of the natural history photos from the 2003 archive
  • Gallery 3 Some of the best people pictures of the 2003-4 season
  • Gallery 4 High-scoring animal photos from the 2003-4 season
  • Gallery 5 A selection of the best monchrome work from the 2003-4 season
  • Gallery 6 Some of the many excellent landscapes shown in the 2003-4 season
  • Gallery 7 Allsorts! Members' imaginations are not limited by conventional categories...
  • Tutorial on the Maidenhead Camera Club web site - studies in progress
  • web night-studies in progress 2
  • Jack the Giant Killer - the cast of the Maidenhead Pantomime visited us on 26th October 2007
  • DramaGuild2 - Another evening with the Maidenhead Drama Guild, 16th November 2004
  • DramaGuild3 - Yet more colourful costumes and people, November 2005

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